Bush Campaign Stays In Touch While On the Move

When President George W. Bush’s re-election crusade hits the road for a bus tour of the dweller heartland, neither the president, the members of the crusade nor the programme media traveling along crapper afford to be out of touch with breaking news, world events or the activities of the competition.

So, their custom locomote coaches are equipped with TracVision L3 equipment TV antennas from KVH Industries Inc. The award-winning TracVision systems offer complete in-motion access to equipment TV programming, including 24-hour programme networks like CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

These systems secure that everyone traveling with the president crapper get every of the latest programme and maybe a bit of recreation as the vehicles make crusade swings.

\”The speed of political campaigns is crescendo with breaking programme followed by immediate responses from the competition,\” said Jim Dodez, KVH’s vice president of marketing. \”When a crusade or the media is on the road, they requirement to have access to every of that programme from every of the same sources that they depend on in their offices.\”

With TracVision, every television on a locomote coach crapper show a assorted equipment TV channel while KVH’s TracNet Mobile High-speed Internet System offers two-way access to the Internet with broadband downloads, even as the vehicles are crisscrossing the country.

The KVH TracVision L3 delivers equipment television and frequence from DirecTV, the Dish Network or other high-powered equipment systems worldwide while the vehicle is both in motion and parked.

The president’s advise pool is not alone in making use of KVH’s TracVision antennas. ABC News has also mobilized three crusade buses – known as \”Red,\” \”White\” and \”Blue\” and leased from Nashville, Tenn.-based Hemphill Brothers – to cover the 2004 presidential election.

The buses serve as mobile television and radio studios. Each of three buses is equipped payday loans KVH TracVision equipment TV systems, which earmark the producers and reporters traveling aboard to watch ABC’s own programme shows, as well as other programming, virtually anywhere as they travel throughout the United States.